Creating a vibrant voluntary carbon market beyond 2020

For the private sector, the emphasis on the long-term goal of net-zero is an unequivocal call to increased action. It is not only a realistic option but also the best way forward to avoid catastrophic climate change. Looking beyond 2020, we need to ensure that the voluntary carbon market can play the fullest role possible to prepare the ground for carbon pricing and help achieve the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement.

As IETA’s programme dedicated to the voluntary carbon market, ICROA works every day to enable climate leadership from the private sector and reward organisations which set ever higher targets and lead the way. ICROA also works closely with key market standards and civil society members to develop collaborative solutions in order to unlock future potential and support the development of a viable and resilient international carbon market. This market needs to link voluntary action in the private sector to projects that deliver mitigation, adaptation impacts and SDGs in countries that wish to attract carbon finance.

Ultimately, the creation of a space where voluntary action can continue to grow at the highest levels of transparency and integrity will be key to secure participation at scale and maximise impact. This principle lies at the heart of ICROA’s mission – and is a theme we will explore further this month at IETA’s inaugural European Climate Summit 2019 (ECS) in Lisbon from 15-17 April. It will also be the occasion for all of us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of IETA!

The Summit will analyse key developments in carbon markets and emissions trading, green finance, industry decarbonisation and the energy transition, as well as discuss the next steps for climate action both within Europe and internationally. The full detailed agenda overview is available online. Come and join business leaders from energy, industry and transport, investors, traders and analysts, lawyers and project developers, along with legislators and government representatives in Lisbon!

Antoine Diemert
ICROA Programme Director

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