Welcome to the first IETA Network Connection Update!

Dirk NACW pic
With so much carbon market activity around the world, IETA’s new monthly communication will bring you the very latest on what’s new – and where you can meet the team in the month ahead. IETA’s staff monitor market developments globally, both existing and new markets, and can help you find the information and make the connections you need.

This month sees government representatives gather in Bonn to continue the hard work of creating a rule book to bring key elements of the Paris Agreement to life. This includes Article 6, which is the home for markets in the Agreement and the vital piece to bring together the world’s myriad markets under the 2015 framework.

Many governments recognise the benefits that the flexibility of market mechanisms bring to them. They know that clear, transparent accounting systems and rules are the only way that markets can deliver on all that is promised. They know that cooperating allows ambitions to be raised but without excessive costs. Most importantly, they know that cooperative markets can achieve more, and at a faster pace, than working in silos.

Whole sectors are also turning to market forces to cut their emissions: just a few weeks ago, we saw the International Maritime Organization reach a landmark agreement to halve its GHG emissions by 2050 and is exploring the possibility of a market-based mechanism to achieve this. The aviation sector meanwhile is steaming ahead with preparations for its own mechanism, the Carbon Offset Reduction Scheme for International Aviation.

IETA’s working groups are actively engaged with all of these discussions, as well as many others in jurisdictions across the Americas, in Canada and Europe, and in Asian powerhouses such as China and Korea. IETA’s International Policy Director Stefano De Clara will be at the UN meeting in Bonn, following the negotiations and representing our members. Other staff members will be attending events around the world, from Australia to Frankfurt, in the next couple of months – see a full list below of where you can meet IETA in May and June. IETA works tirelessly year-round on advocating for smart, well-designed, environmentally robust and efficient markets – if this is something you believe in, join us and find out more.

Dirk Forrister
President & CEO

For more information on IETA and our work, see www.ieta.org

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