IETA-PwC Market Sentiment Survey

This year’s IETA-PwC Market Sentiment Survey is particularly special as it marks the 10th edition of this survey and joint collaboration with PwC. The survey was conducted from April 21-May 5, 2015 and included responses from over 120 IETA member company representatives. 

The survey takes a detailed look at IETA members’ sentiment towards carbon markets around the world. This year, to celebrate its 10 years, the survey takes a look back at its first edition. Despite a challenging 10 years, it finds that IETA members maintain their confidence in carbon markets and overwhelmingly (+80% of respondents) support them as a preferred tool of addressing climate change and meeting the 2 degrees challenge. 

Market sentiment is on the rise in Europe for the first time in four years, with IETA members expecting an average EUA price of EUR 10.78 until the end of Phase III of the EU ETS (2020). This is an increase on the 2014 survey. Many respondents felt that the MSR (market stability reserve) will have an impact on raising the carbon price in Europe. 

In North America, one key highlight is IETA members confidence in the Canadian province of Ontario linking its ETS with California and Quebec before 2020. 

All respondents expect China to launch a national carbon market, with 63% believing it is likely to be operation by 2020. 

On the Paris UN agreement, there is a clear gap between hopes and expectations of IETA members, but many (56%) believe there will be a role for carbon pricing in the agreement itself. 

To view the survey please click here

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