December 4 – Business matters

If the agreement doesn’t work for businesses, it won’t work. This is how a meeting of business representatives with negotiators from the Umbrella Group started today in Lima. This is a good place to start.

Five-year commitment periods seems to be a commonly shared position, with a biyearly review process. It is important to know how short term regulations would be developed, and we businesses would need the long term perspective.

In my view, this could be encompassed in a broad agreement to set carbon pricing. Carbon pricing doesn’t mean that it is done everywhere in the same way or at the same level, on the same perimeter, as long as the ability to link systems is built in. Linking would be easier if there is a common methodology for counting emissions. Transparent reporting would also make comparisons possible on paths for mitigation.

All parties from the Umbrella group value the importance of markets and insist on environmental integrity.

Basically all these points are good points for companies and support IETA’s positions.

Christine Fedigan, GDF SUEZ  

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